Plenary 1

Space optics at ISRO

 (TBC soon)

Plenary 2

Space optics at CNES

(speaker TBC)

Plenary 3

Dark Matter, Euclid first outcomes and results

(speaker TBC)

Plenary 4

Gravitational Waves and LISA observatory

 (TBC soon)

Plenary 5

Optical Interplanetary Communications: The PSYCHE mission DSOC demonstration

“The talk will present the latest on the deep space optical communication demonstration on board the PSYCHE spacecraft which has broken the world record in link distance with more than 20 million Kms”.

by Meera Srinivasan, JPL

Plenary 6

Health of the Oceans

(speaker TBC)

Plenary 7

Small Optics for the New Space era

by Marco Esposito, Cosine Remote Sensing BV 

Plenary 8

Optics in NOAA Space Program

 (TBC soon)