Presentation guidelines

Guidelines for Oral Presenters

The duration of the communication is 15min + 5 min for questions/answers from the floor.
For the good organization of the session, no overtime will be accepted.
Please check in advance that your presentation does not exceed the time limit.

PowerPoint slides should be prepared in landscape 16/9 format.


Speakers have to go to the Preview room to test and upload their PowerPoint or PDF files via USB stick at least half a day before their presentation.
Please note that it will not be possible to display the presentation directly from your own laptop in the meeting rooms. Nor will it be possible for you to connect your own USB stick to the PC in the meeting rooms. This is for efficiency and security reasons, thank you for your understanding.
Every author is ultimately responsible to check that his/her presentation works onsite at the conference, with the available technician.
You must arrive 15 minutes before your session to « check-in » with the chairman of the session.
Please provide before your presentation a brief text (2 or 3 lines) for the chair to introduce you to the audience.

Guidelines for Poster Presenters

You are in charge of printing your poster in A0 portrait format (0.84m × 1.19m).

You must display your poster as soon as you arrive. You will find your reserved place by referring to the number on your paper.

The boards are made of PVC, and we recommend using blu tack or easily removable double-sided tape, available on site.

Make sure your documents are not too heavy and avoid laminated plastic or cardboard-backed sheets. You will not be able to use pins or drawing pins.

The title of your poster must appear at the top, in 25mm-high capital letters. Make sure that the authors and their corresponding organisations are clearly visible.